Bethel, Maine Local Craft & Wares Fair

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Setting up, breaking down, and doing it all over again.

This last weekend’s show at USM in Gorham was a good one.  I had a great time meeting new people, reconnecting with repeat customers, selling and linking up again with vendor friends.  So here is my booth all set up and waiting to show. It took my husband and I about an hour to set up and another 30 minutes to tweak.  Working together, we can pack it up again in an hour.  I pack up and my husband removes all the lighting, folds up all the shelving and puts it all in the van as it is ready.  Without him, it would take me at least another 30 minutes or more.  Right now it is all packed in my little transit van waiting to set up for the next show on Saturday at the White Mountain Waldorf School in Albany, NH.  This show runs from 10 to 2.  It’s the first time I’ve exhibited there and I am looking forward to seeing the school.

Then we will pack it up and do it all over again the day after Thanksgiving in Bethel, Maine, and again on December 6th at the Stone Mountain Art Center.  I think I am done then unless something else comes along that I can’t say no to.

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Thanksgiving Turkey

I have been asked to make a replacement base for this turkey that has been a part of several decades worth of Thanksgiving dinners until the bottom broke.  I didn’t make the turkey but I am attempting to make a casserole style dish similar in style that will hold the turkey in the base so the turkey won’t slide off.  Unfortunately clay shrinks as it dries and again while being fired.  This makes it difficult to judge if the already fired turkey will fit when the casserole is fired.  The first one is a little too small but I now have a better idea of how big to make the new base.  The first dish I made won’t be wasted.  I am going to make a top for it and have a covered casserole for myself.  If I make the handles right, the top will be reversible and can be used as a serving bowl.  Both pieces will make perfect deep dish pie plates.  I just need to remember to place them in a cold oven and then turn the heat on.

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The Sake Pitcher

Sake pitcher in process.  Tomorrow it gets trimmed and then decorated to match the cups.  When its dry, I will glaze and fire it.

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Sake Cups

Two of a set of 4 sake cups.  Star anise and square nuts make up the design in blue.  Next is the sake pitcher. 

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Craft Show at USM-Gorham this weekend

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“Dragonfly Defense Squad”

My new platter, on sale now at Gallery 302.

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Mini Quilts

The glazing assembly line:  first squeeze glaze into all the lovely impressions, then glaze the bottoms moving from one to the next, when you get to the last one, start back with the first.  Three coats of glaze on each side.  The easiest way to do this is have a really good audio book playing.  Right now I am listening to the Harry Potter series for the third time.  It keeps me entertained and I am still able to focus on what I am doing.

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Gallery 302 Early Bird Sale Saturday, November 7

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Grandma’s Engineering

I adore vintage doilies.  I collect them, tattered and stained, from thrift stores and flea markets.  The geometry in them is beautiful.  I admire the busy hands that created them.  Doilies are so unappreciated now.  So I preserve them in my clay pieces, fossilizing them in the clay.  The doily gets removed before firing in the kiln so I can use it again and again.  This piece in particular reminded me of a suspension bridge so I named it “Grandma’s Engineering.”  Of course, I added my own geometry into the blank spaces of the piece.  I sold it a few weeks ago.  I must use that doily again to make another one…but different.

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