Clay Prices

Low-fire Earthenware Clay (prices include sales tax)

  • white with no grog (#10), $13.60 is  currently out of stock.
  • terracotta with no grog (#20), #16.10
  • terracotta with grog (#20G), $13.40
  • white slip, $8.25*
  • robin red slip, $10.40*
  • * you will probably also need sodium silicate, which is available for $0.50 per tablespoon.

In order to more accurately reflect the cost of firing and glazing, these costs are no longer included in the clay price.  If you are taking classes, your clay, glazing and firing fees are included in the class fee and this does not affect you.  For those of you using your own clay from another source, or your own glazes or renting the studio, these fees are for you.  You can either fire (and pay) by the kiln load or by the piece.

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