Clay, Firing & Glazes

The clay used here is low fire earthenware.  At this time, I am not using or providing any mid fire or high fire clay or porcelain.  I work in low fire clay, and my kilns only fire to 6 and 8.  I am also not up to trying to keep clay bodies organized so that a low fire clay doesn’t inadvertently end up in the wrong firing and melt all over the shelf.

Firing is generally done once a week depending on whether I have a full load or the weather is cooperating.

I have limited all of my studio glazes to food safe glazes because of the number of people who use the studio.  I don’t want someone making a plate that should not be used to eat from.  If you want a glaze that I don’t have or would like to begin accumulating your own tools, I can order whatever you want for you.   Ask me for the Amaco or Dick Blick catalog for pricing plus sales tax.  I do not order glazes during the freezing winter months.  I get clay twice a year, if you want something not on this list be sure to ask when I will be buying clay.

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