Class Descriptions

The following is a description of what I offer as “class” possibilities.  I am eliminating a class schedule because I have discovered that I HATE RIGID SCHEDULES.  Like it or not, I do have to plan around art shows and craft fairs and other events and things I need and want to get done the same as you do.  So, if you would like to take classes, let me know what kind of class you are looking for and we will customize a schedule that suits both of us.  Please note that other than the INTRODUCTION TO CLAY, all other classes include all the open studio time that you can fit into your schedule.

INTRODUCTION TO CLAY: Not sure if you will like making pottery or just want to know what it is all about? Fryeburg Pottery offers an introductory class:  one 2-3 hour class to make a plate or bowl (your choice) for $35.  You will be able to explore the process while also making a finished product.  Give us a call at 207-256-0072 to schedule a class or email me at

Discover the zen of clay as you get your feet wet with this introduction to a variety of hand building techniques, wheel throwing, introduction to glazing.  Firing and glazing of your pieces is included.

Intermediate students will expand upon skills learned in the beginning class, creating larger, more individualized pieces that incorporate multiple hand-building skills. Concentration will be on decorative surfaces using sprigs, stamps, stencils and more!  Continued discussions regarding glazing and how to choose glazes that compliment surface decoration.  Firing and glazing of your pieces is included.

Always wanted to try throwing on the wheel?  Or try it again?  This class will focus on basic techniques:  wedging, centering, throwing, trimming, handles, glazing and firing.

Rather not work on the wheel right now?  Students will focus on the myriad of opportunities that hand building offers.  Pinch, coil, slump and drape slabs, carve or sculpt clay not to mention surface decorations which add texture and design.  Introduction and discussion regarding glazes and techniques that enhance your surface decoration.  Also includes firing and glazing of your pieces.

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