Classes meet one day a week.  Choose the day and time that works best for you.

Your class includes the use of all the tools, a shelf of your own, open studio time (this means you can come in and work whenever I am open), one 25 lb bag of #20G terracotta earthenware clay, glazing and firing.

Fees:  $245 for a minimum of 8 lessons, approximately 8 weeks.  Classes interrupted with a holiday, vacations, bad weather etc. will be rescheduled.

Suggested preparation for class:  Collect pictures of items that inspire or intrigue you as to shapes, colors, function, decoration.  Think about pieces you would like for your home or to give as gifts.  Start noticing how things are put together, especially the bottoms of things, rims, handles, etc.  This is a great way to generate the creative process and start your brain and eyes “to see.”

Classes are for adults, teens and school age children.  In the case of children, please keep in mind their individual attention span, fatigue level and maturity level.  Children are welcome to take classes with their parents, other family member or friend.  However, the studio is not a place for them to play.  Once they are done with clay or if they are having a difficult time in class, please take them home.  If you are taking a class and would like to take a class with your child, you would pay the full fee and then it is $5 per hour per child with your child using your clay.  This is a great opportunity for home schooled children to add to their art component.

If you have clay left from your initial classes and want to continue with the clay you have, your next 8 classes without the clay are $225.

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