Firing Fees

Firing by the Piece

The fee is calculated per piece by the cubic inch (length x width x height).  Do not put your work on the shelf to be fired without first having it measured and logged in.  Thanks.

Bisque firing = $0.02 per cubic inch.

Glaze Firing (did not use studio glazes) = $0.03 per Cubic inch .

Glaze Firing (used studio glazes) = $0.04 per cubic inch

Tiles are $1 per tile up to 6” x 6”

Other Rules & Charges
- All pieces are a minimum of $1.  Bisque firing items like beads and other small items which can be fired in a large piece will be charged the size of the bowl.  Glaze firing such small objects are $0.50 each.
- Pieces that I glaze will cost an additional $1.
- Stilted pieces will cost an additional $0.50 per piece.
- Pieces that need to be wiped will cost an additional $0.50 per piece.  So please wipe your bottoms–LOL–I’ll show you how.

If you are producing a large volume of glazed work, you might want to fire by the kiln load.  see Kiln Rental below.

Kiln Rental

Firing the kiln to 04, 05 and 06 is $50 a kiln load.  My Skutt kiln dimensions are approximately 25 inches wide by 27 high.

What costs are included in kiln firing and glazing?

It generally takes me three hours to load the kiln and another hour to unload it.  A glaze firing takes longer because nothing can touch.  If bottoms are glazed or sloppy (not wiped), they need to be stilted.  It takes time to find the right stilt and even more time if I am challenged by odd shapes that need to be balanced just right.  If I have to stop and return to the studio to clean the bottom of a piece, it takes more time.  Then there is the electricity:  12 hours worth of 200 amp service.  And beads and buttons and other small objects?  I love them, but glaze firing them is tedious.  Glazes:  some are inexpensive and quite reasonable and then some cost $40 a pint.

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