Artist Statement

Fryeburg Pottery artisan Conni Whittaker creates functional art for everyday use. Her mugs, tumblers, plates, platters, bowls, and spoon rests are dishwasher and microwave safe. Much of her work is richly textured and patterned inviting touch and reflection. Whittaker’s glazes resemble the patinas of new, tarnished, rusty and corroded metals surrounded by earthy colored backgrounds. The textures of her surfaces are inspired by machines, tools, plants, fibers and textiles. Whittaker’s pieces are collages which play with the relationships between male/female, women’s work/men’s work, nature/nurture, earth/machine, birth/loss, and creation/destruction. “Each piece speaks to me as I create it” Whittaker says, “Sometimes I include a quote that inspired me; other times it is up the viewer–like poetry, we bring our own meaning.”

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