My booth at the 24th Annual Bethel Art Fair -- note the trees over the canopy.

Saturday in Bethel was great.  Did you know that Bethel has trees?  Trees make shade and the common was lined with trees.  As you might remember last weekend was blisteringly hot with what felt like 99% humidity.  So Bethel was the place to be.  Here are a few photos.  Please take note of the Fryeburg Pottery banner/scarf that my friend Ivy of Water’s Edge Gallery in Fryeburg made for me.  There was a judging for Best in Show Wall-Hung Art, Artisan Crafts and Photography.  I am not clear if there was one category to include the three categories or three different categories but I am still thrilled to have third place for my tissue box cover.  If you haven’t been to the Bethel Art Fair before, which I hadn’t, you are missing a truly remarkable group of artisans.  I was proud to be in their company.

My tissue box cover and ribbon...see those gorgeous cooling trees in the background.

My favorite artisan there was an remarkable woman (senior citizen) who made braided rugs.  She pointed to her 700th braided rug as I confessed to be working on my 6th (a work in progress for the last 10 years, it gets abandoned for several years at a time).  She attended the Fair in her wheelchair, I’m not sure if works from it or just when out and about and she also gives classes.  I hope I stay that active…I intend to stay that active.

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