Goings On & Craft Fairs & Closings

This posting is way later than I wanted it to be but life has been crazy…and crazy fun too. Last Friday—oops two Fridays ago, I attended a Natural Dying Workshop which was “to dye for.” Sorry, somebody had to say it. I had so much fun with my friend Kathy and Michelle Delucia was an awesome instructor. Then on Saturday was the “Not For Sale” Art Walk & Concert. And Sunday I went with Kathy to a cheesemaking workshop at The Big Farm Creamery in Madison NH. That was fun and I learned more and lunch was garden fresh salad, rustic bread & cheese, mushroom soup, beer or wine, and cheesecake for desert. Sigh, that was good. And since then I have been racing to catch up. Ducklings hatched, chicks hatched, the garden needed tending, the piglets needed feeding, goats needed milking, and the barn needed cleaning. I threw 50 pounds of clay on the pottery wheel (1-2 pounds at a time) and had to finish that. Yesterday, I made butter and chevre (goat’s milk cheese). Today I am at the studio catching up.

I will probably be late getting into the studio tomorrow morning for the 4th of July because I am going to help my friend Ivy hold up a banner in the parade in Fryeburg. Then I will be closing early at 3:30 on Friday for the First Fryeday Art Walk. So if you want to work on Friday, come in before 3:30 and you can close up for me when you leave. Then Saturday, July 6th, I will be closed to be in Bethel for the Art Fair and then closed on Saturday, July 13th, for the North Conway Library Book & Art Sale, and again I will be closed on Saturday, July 20th, for Lovell Old Home Days.  Phew!  August will be similar so keep an eye on the craft fair schedule.

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