Hints to those Attending

A friend told me the other day she never knew what to do when she wasn’t buying at a craft show or fair.  She wanted to look but felt guilty taking up the vendor’s time and space when she wasn’t going to buy anything.  I can only speak about myself so here is what I told her.

  • Don’t be afraid to smile, make eye contact, say Hello and walk on by if you are not in the least interested in what is displayed.  But I don’t like to be invisible.  At least acknowledge my presence.
  • If you love pottery or beads or fudge, don’t be afraid to examine the goodies on display.  As an artisan, I love feedback on my work.  Yes, a sale is nice and yes, I am there to sell, but your admiration will do wonders for my ego.  As my son, the musician tells me, he plays so his music can be heard.  So maybe I create so my work will be seen.
  • If you see something you don’t quite understand (like what is that and how does it work), don’t be afraid to ask.  It makes for a long day when you are standing and watching the crowd go by.  So don’t be afraid, we are there to answer questions.
  • Oh, if I seem to be watching you, it is only because I am curious to see what attracts people.  What is it that catches their eye?  I try not to be obvious but sometimes I do catch myself staring–sorry.

Fortunately, I had plenty of questions, thoughtful “Good Mornings,” “Good Afternoons” and lots of “I love the flower frog!”  I love my frogs and toads too.  The Flower Show was their coming out party.

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