Cleaning House for the New Year

Part of welcoming in 2013 was cleaning up after 2012.  I cleaned up much of my clutter at home and now its time to declutter here.  I have finally crossed “Create Fryeburg Pottery Facebook page” off my to do list.  Please like Fryeburg Pottery & Art Center on Facebook.  I am going to try and use it as a message board for things such as kiln firings,  craft fairs, technique of the week (see below) and to post pictures of beautiful pots coming out the kiln.  There are also some policy changes.

I am restructuring clay and firing fees by un-bundling? de-bundling? the firing and glazing from the purchase of clay.  This was necessary to actually cover what it costs for me to provide firing and glazing.  While it will be a little more cumbersome to calculate each piece, those of you who actually glaze and fire your pieces will be paying for the glazing and firing.  My choices were to almost triple the price of the clay (you pay up front for firing and glazing) or to do it this way (you pay as you go).  If you like to throw and smush, throw and smush, and finally fire that one perfect piece, this change will save you money.  If, like me, you like to fire everything it may cost you some more.   Please see the “Clay, Firing & Glazes” tab for the changes.  If you have already purchased clay, you have until the end of March to glaze and fire that clay under the old fee structure.

I have also created a formal class schedule and I am trying to be better by posting all this information on the wall in the studio (well on signs on the wall).  Also new is “Technique of the Week”:  a three hour workshop that will produce a finished piece or tool for participants while learning something new on Wednesday nights.  Bring your own libation.

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