Happy New Year 2013

It’s late into January for this wish but this is how I do everything.  I am learning to live with what others might consider my character defects by turning them into strengths.  So, first up, a few changes.

  1. I will continue to be open on Sundays only it will be by appointment.  So if you want to use your studio time on Sunday let me know in advance so we can make arrangements.  The same for lessons; I will be available with advance notice.  Hopefully this will give me the flexibility to volunteer at Harvest Hills Thrift Store one day a month and to try to give a day to other places without sacrificing my two days off to work around my house and be with my husband.  I really don’t mind being here on Sundays if someone wants to be here so don’t be afraid to make an appointment.
  2. Snow days.  Originally, I had decided to close if school was closed but that leaves Saturday and Sunday snow days up in the air.  And what about heavy snow until 8 a.m. that is cleaned up and the sky is blue by 11 a.m.?  So, the change is:  if the weather is horrible and roads scary–stay home.  If the weather has cleared and the roads are passable, give me a call or text me at 207-256-0072. Chances are the driveway here is clear and the studio will be open as usual.  I have been cleared by my husband for tractor snowblowing duty having passed his stringent training.

Just a reminder, at the end of each day (6 p.m. during week, 4 p.m. weekends), if I find my self alone and my work is done, I will clean up and go home.  If you are planning on coming in late around this time, call me to make sure we don’t miss each other.  I don’t mind staying for a reason.

2013 is going to be a great year.  I can feel it.

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