Fun at Fryeburg Fair

Pottery demonstration at Fryeburg Fair in the Farm Museum

It was a wonderful and fun week at Fryeburg Fair demonstrating pottery making in the Farm Museum and answering questions about the process.  I talked to a lot of great people, young and old, fellow potters, people who would like to try pottery, and people who wanted to know how a lump of clay was transformed into a bowl or plate that you could use at the dinnertable.  I also made tons of work while I was there so my challenge Monday was getting it all in the kiln.  My favorite moment was a little boy on the first Sunday who was fascinated by all my favorite objects, the ones I use to stamp the clay.  He watched me make something and I showed him how I used the various can openers, nuts and bolts and screws in the tray.  Then he picked up my 2 inch plastic fish and commanded that I create a fish dish, which I did feeling like Dr. Suess producing a fish dish when he wished for fish.  Then he wanted a ball–we compromised with a bead.  His parents then spirited him away afraid, I think, that he might be wearing out his welcome.  He wasn’t, he was enjoying the clay process and I was enjoying his enthusiasm.  And suddenly it was the last Sunday and, once again, the Fair was over until next year.

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