Ceramic Pendants, Buttons & Beads Class

Some finished buttons, earrings and pendants.

The following class is being offered at Gallery 302 in Bridgton ME.  You can register by stopping in the Gallery, going online at Gallery 302.com (click on class registration form and print it) or telephoning them at 647-2787.

“Ceramic Pendants, Buttons & Beads”
Instructor: Conni Whittaker

Sundays: February 28th or March 6th for creating.
Optional: March 20th , for putting them together.
Time: 12pm – 3pm
Price per student: $35. per each class.
Optional: Students can also sign up for Sunday, March 20th to turn their pendants, beads into a finished necklace, earrings, pin. Basic supplies will be provided: tools, silver ear wires and stud backs, black cording for necklaces, pin backs and glue.
Materials Fee: $5 for those who want their finished pieces mailed to them.
Materials supplied by instructor: clay, glaze, cutting tools, stamps and molds, firing, flat rate shipping packages if needed.
Maximum 10 students.

What better way to complete your outfit than an original necklace pendant, matching earrings or button for your sweater or hat. In this class you will be rolling out the clay, cutting it with cookie cutters or a knife, embellishing your pieces by stamping or molding, then glazing (painting) them. I will fire our day’s work in my electric kiln (6-8 hours to fire to 2000oF, 12-24 hours to cool) and have them ready to pick up the following Sunday. Not going to be at class on Sunday? I can mail them to you. Students will come away with 1-3 dozen pieces depending on the size and time spent on each.

Recommended but optional materials students can bring to first class:
• An apron if you don’t want to get clay and glaze on your clothes.
• If you want buttons for a specific project, you will need to know the button size and colors so either bring the piece or color samples to match to glazes.
• An egg carton to keep your buttons stored and labeled with your name on so I can keep them separated for travel to and from the kiln.
• Stamps or other designs you would like to use on your buttons or pendants.

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