Butterfly Project

Tree of Life Sculpture made in Mexico maybe 20 years ago.

My wonderful new seam ripper. It takes the pain out of having to use it.

While at the USM Craft Fair in October I met a wonderful couple, Glenn and Vrege Murray of Brighton Woodworks.  They make wood turned pizza cutter handles, ice cream scoops, pens, and more.  Best of all, seam rippers.  We exchanged gifts:  pottery for a seam ripper.

I visited with them this week to view a damaged Tree of Life sculpture that was successfully transported from Mexico and home here in Maine in a nylon net shopping bag only to have a flower broken years later.  Vrege was hoping I could make her a new flower or at least render her repair less visible.

The broken flower petal that reminds Vrege daily of her one moment of carelessness.

This sculpture is stunning the flowers are the bare clay while the tree itself appears to have a terracotta slip coloring it.  Unfortunately anything I could do would only make the break more visible since I cannot match the clay or glaze.  We decided on camouflage.   Here are the butterflies that will join the flowers, apples, the naughty serpent, Adam and Eve on the tree of life.  One or all of these butterflies will pause to rest on the tree and one of them will coincidentally alight on the crack and cover it up.

Butterflies waiting to be fired and fly to Portland.

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